Sunday, 30 January 2011

Very Little Helps

Whilst I wouldn't want anyone to think I rummage through bins on a regular basis, I must confess that this is how I found these two sets of photos. For my sins I was shopping at Tesco (gah!) in Yate (double gah!) when I noticed the 'Photo-Me' booth technician cleaning out his machine of all sorts of crap into a nearby waste receptacle. I was intrigued and suspiciously loitered at the end of the checkouts waiting for him to leave... After long awkward minutes of pretending to text someone, I eventually seized the opportunity to claim my rubbish bin prize as the operator made his way out of Tesco. My friends, I was not disappointed...

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


A collection of credit card sized photos that presumably fell from the purse of a white, middle class lady who is part of the country set. Found in Waterstone's at Cribb's Causeway (demographic: neurotic, white, middle class women that live in South Gloucestershire and love a 3 for 2 combining historical fiction, romance, and stories of challenged individuals that overcome adversity.).